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Selection of appropriate business partner:

Based on fact, that Iraqi market is very complicated and different from European, we help our clients to contact their potential customers or suppliers in specific industry. We support the clients to get overview in new business enviroment and advise them what to concentrate on and what to avoid.

Our partners and coleagues can provide market research based on your specifications and intermediate appropriate business contacts.

Within our direct partner and business contacts we can offer in specific industries verified business partner.

Adress and verification of business partner

It does not matter whether you found your future business partner through our service, or alone for example at any trade fair, or another way, in both cases we are able to help you to contact your future business partner. We support our clients to assign offer/demand and of course by entire communication during whole business transaction.

In case you will find your business partner by yourself, we provide you through our partners referencies or other informations, which will help you to avoid potential problems.

Assistance by commercial co-operation:

Good interaction between business partners is basic. We daily inermediate questions and answers between both parties. You communicate with us in your language as you are used to. Mutual translations are provided by us. We use our know-how, warn you about shortcomings, recommend precising informations, even though, final decison is always on you.

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